Elliptical Bike

1. Ego is an elliptical bike that would appeal to anyone who wants to enhance their fitness routing and add something new to it. I've been having a lot of fun with it since the first day! It is a really good fitness machine that provides great workout when you push it, but can also serve as a commuting vehicle. There are three models of this bike: the 3-speed model for flat rides, the 8-speed model suitable for hilly roads (it's like a standard bike), and the 11-speed model, which is a racing bike. I own the 8-sped model, and am very satisfied. It's a great thing (curology) if you want to combine fitness and fun, look curology reviews!

2. This sort of bike is not really a bike: using this feels different to biking, different to running, or to anything else. And it is a lot of fun. This thingy is very comfortable: you can enjoy riding it for a long time, combining workout and entertainment, without getting sore back and butt, hurting wrists and ankles, or any other uncomfortable feelings. I just love riding this, and especially climbing the hills! I had been longing for it for such a long time, and I am now so glad that I finally bought it.

3. I was somewhat skeptical about this machine, but I realized I wanted one right after I tested it. It is fun, it is efficient, and it is comfy. Riding Ego seems more like running than riding a bike, but the main difference to running is that using this thing does not put stress on the joints. Using this thing targets the same and even more muscles than running does, and gives you a really intense workout. Also, it is adjustable, so any person irrespective of their height and other body parameters can modify this thing to fit them best without purchasing additional adjusting equipment. Now I'm a lucky owner of this runner, and very happy about this.

4. I think this thing is not bad, but too pricy for me. It costs 2500 bucks; this is a lot even compared to a good road bike. The cheaper model costs $1800, still a bit too much. Considering it is not really a vehicle, and thus, can't be used on bumpy roads, or for darting in and out of traffic because of its turning radius. I have tested it and I kinda like it, but not enough to buy it for myself. I prefer my good old standard bike that can get me everywhere, and also provides a good workout.

5. I bought this to lose weight 9wanted to burn fat on my thighs), but it didn't help to get my thighs thinner. Yes, it is fun to ride it, it makes the muscles work is generally very good for health, but it builds up muscle mass so fast that I have larger thighs now than I used to before riding this thing. There is little to no fat left on my hips and thighs, but the muscles are very big now. Maybe, I did something wrong, or ate something wrong, but this is what happened due to Ego.

6. I think this is a good thing if you have some flat, smooth roads to ride it on, but it is absolutely unsuitable for the bumpy roads typical of the place where I live. So, I have to resist my temptation to buy Ego, as I have actually nowhere to use it here.