Fitness Machine

Bflex is a fitness machine produced by Nau Inc., a company known worldwide for their high-quality fitness equipment. It is basically an all-in-one fitness machine that combines functions of a treadmill, a stepper, and an elliptical, so it is very handy to use at home. The most recent and popular models are TC5, TC10 and the popular TC20 (I am a happy owner of this one, too). The machine does not fold, which can be a disadvantage for some users, but it does fit in most rooms, and is equipped with wheels. The manufacturer claims that this hybrid home gym equipment is great for fat burning, muscle building, and cardiovascular training. Well, we have been using it at home for six weeks already, and we all see the results. The machine is highly adjustable, and different people will need to use it on different settings. High or medium speed is good for those who have exercised before and don't have any heart diseases, but older people, or those who have weak heart, or are simply untrained, low speed is enough. My 68-year old mom uses it and is very satisfied! What I like about this machine is that it makes you use all muscles when exercising: the walking motion of a treadmill, the calorie burn of a stepper, and the low impact movement of an elliptical are combined during workouts. The product is quite expensive, but I would say it is worth the money. It is functional, efficient, universal (almost everyone can use it), and easy to operate. I don't regret spending money on this, because the quality is really high. Do buy this equipment from the manufacturer directly to get the best deal, though - some stores and websites may sell it at much bigger price than it actually costs (look

Bflex has helped me to lose a lot of weight and to get into good shape. I have a firm and toned body now, and I work out on max settings after using it during several months. Now I also do the interval training as the second half of my workout: I run my heart rate from 120 bps to 140 bps just by changing the speed. I am very satisfied with the results, and I can always find the time to work out, though I'd been too lazy to go to the gym before I purchased this machine - there weren't even any gyms close to my home, and I didn't want to get somewhere far after work. Now I can exercise and watch TV. It's comfortable and fun!

I was hesitant about purchasing this fitness equipment because I had an open heart surgery, and I was afraid that this machine would not suit me. However, as it was said to be meant for nearly all kinds of users (including us people with cardiovascular problems) according to the manufacturer and many user reviews, I decided to buy it eventually. I hadn't worked out much before, and I had to restrain myself from almost all kinds of exercises after the surgery, but I found the equipment easy to use on low settings. I don't think I'll be able to use it on max (or even medium) settings any time soon, but still, the results do show. I feel that my cardiovascular endurance has increased; I am more toned than I was before, and I feel good. The equipment is really good for cardiovascular training, but some people (like me0 will need to start with minimum settings and go slow.

It is good for building your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength, but its fat-burning claims are exaggerated. I lost 3 pounds, and my wife lost 5 pounds within 4 weeks. We both are not experienced athletes, so we started with minimum settings, but switched to medium speed soon. So, it is easy to use and good to start with, but I don't think it is good for people who have already exercised a lot before using this. Also, not to forget one small detail: we found out that two bolts were missing when we started assembling it. I had some bolts that fit, so there wasn't really a problem, but we didn't like it that a product as expensive as this one arrived without some assembly details.

I purchased this from the official website after reading all the positive reviews, but I was not really satisfied with this workout unit. I didn't like the customer service: once you buy their product and have it delivered, they really don't care and are not likely to deal with your concerns. As for its functionality: I expected a smoother stride from a workout unit that was so expensive. The machine makes strange annoying noises on lower speeds, looks like cheap plastic with cheap console, and the hand pieces could use some cushions. The motion is easy to get used to. I had a surgery on my knee and wanted something low-impact, which is what this product is said to be, but in fact, it isn't. I felt pain in my knee and hip, and finally ended up selling this thing. I've purchased a good old inclined treadmill, and I'm completely satisfied with it. I don't claim the machine to be absolutely bad though - it is just not for everyone, and it does have disadvantages. I think it is better to try it before you buy.