My Workouts

I have been taking this supplement for half a year. It is absolutely safe, being nothing but just extract from Eurycoma longfolia tree (grows naturally in Southeastern Asia). I started taking it because I wanted to get skinnier, but this product has some other effects on the body, too. It increases testosterone level (yeah, guys might like it a lot!), so, sexual drive also increases; another thing it does is reducing reproductive activity in women, and fewer periods. This happens, because as testosterone grows in women's bodies., estrogen decreases. This is a very important thing for us women to consider, especially for those who want a baby. Well, I don't want kids, at least now, so decreased estrogen and weak fertility is actually a desirable side effect for me, but it might be a turn-ff for some others. This supplement does help, I must say.

I am very glad that I found this supplement. It makes me feel excellent. I am much thinner and more muscular now (testosterone level increases in the body due to this supplement, and helps to lose weight and build muscles faster), and my sexual life has improved a lot. I am filled with energy, and feel stronger and livelier than before. It feels like I am a young man again. I had insomnia for a short time after I began to take these pills, but that side effects didn't last long. After a week on this supplement, my sleep stabilized, and everything was ok. The insomnia could happen due to the increased energy level, and then the body got used to this pill, and I made my workouts in the gym more intense.

I got this because I had low energy and was always tired because of Chronic fatigue Syndrome (for those who are lucky to not know what it is - it's a really bad illness that makes you feel like you have a flu all the time: no energy, constant muscle pain, no libido, poor sleep, frustration, and general feeling of weakness). In the end, this started to irritate me, so I just had to find a solution, and came across this product. After taking the recommended dosage for the first five days, I noticed that I was much less sleepy, more energized, but these were not the only positive changes in me. My sexual drive also increased. I was eager to continue taking the pills and have my life change in a very positive way. Now I am finishing my second bottle, and I'm going to preorder another one, because I have already seen that this supplement is really helpful. It can even cope with some serious problems like mine. It feels like I'm actually living again, instead of constantly struggling against my illness.

I am on this for the second week already, and I see no difference at all. I have just wasted my money on something totally useless. I do everything as recommended, and I waited patiently for a few days for the effect to show, but still nothing. I have read many positive review on this product, and almost no really negative ones, so I thought that it was something trustworthy and worth buying, but I was mistaken, as I see - or, maybe, I am just unlucky to have purchased a low-quality product, and should buy the same product from a different company, or in larger concentration. Whatever may be, this supplement has given me no results so far.

This extract does work, but in larger concentrations. If you use a 1:100 extract, this will most likely not work, or have very weak effect on the body. Do not be afraid and buy a 200mg version, which is more expensive, but more efficient. I decided to take this 1: 100 version because I was afraid of side effects, and then I read the reviews from customers and experts, and found out that this can't really do any severe harm, unless you really overdose it: it is just an extract from a tree, nothing really dangerous. I had no results with this, even when my bottle was about to end, so I'm going to try the more concentrated extract.

This product did give me energy and high libido, but then I started to suffer from insomnia. My schedule got messed up, I couldn't fall asleep at night, and was very tired during the day, I couldn't work out because of the sleepless nights, and everything went wrong. I had to stop taking this extract because the sleeping issues I had due to it ware really severe and prevented me from living a normal life.