Sleeping Disorders

I had many health issues that prevented me from living a normal life: sleeping disorders, general anxiety, and emotional eating. Just imagine a person who is always hungry, sleepy (and, thus, performs not really well at work), and gets irritated just about anything. Sounds like a loser and someone not very fun to be with, right? So, I realized that I had to do something about all this, and started looking for a solution. Phenibut was my "magic pill". First of all, I stopped eating like crazy shortly after I started taking this supplement. So, I got skinnier (no, there was no dramatic weight loss, but when I compare myself a year ago, before I began to take phenibut, and myself as I am today, there is a significant difference). I began to sleep well and get up in time, ready for the day and filled with energy; and, what was really important, my mood improved. I got calmer, more positive and cheerful, less nervous and anxious. It feels like I started a new life one year ago, a much better and healthier life.

I am 62, and I'd been feeling that my memory worsened lately: I began to forget simple things, and if got more difficult for me to remember large portions of information. Also, I started to develop insomnia and feel nervous for no reason. There were the days when I was extremely anxious and got irritated too easily. I read about Phenibut and decided to try it because it addressed exactly the issues that disturbed me, and seemed to be safe. It really worked! The first positive change in me was my much better mood and lack of anxiety. Sometimes I even felt slightly euphoric in the beginning. It was almost like going from one extreme to another. Well, in general, I am very calm now, and feel very well. Also, my sleeping issues disappeared, and my memory improved a lot. I was really scared because of that memory thing, but Phenibut managed to fix this issue for me. I also seem more concentrated now. I'd recommend this to everyone; this pill does have a lot of benefits for the health, mostly for the nervous system and psychological well-being. I feel its strong positive effect on me.

I love this product; it really takes my sense of well-being to a new level! I take the capsules (two of them) in the morning on an empty stomach with a glass of water, as recommended in the guidance. This is how my morning begins. And then, I feel really calm, happy, and positive, sometimes euphoric (sounds like I'm a drug addict that describes their feeling high after taking a doze, but don't worry, this supplement is absolutely legal, and can be purchased in a supermarket, that's exactly where I bought it). I used to suffer from social anxiety a lot, and had problems with communication. It was sometimes extremely difficult for me to talk to people, especially those I didn't know, or when there were a lot of people around. I felt nervous in social situations and always anxious about some bad things that I thought might have happened. This is not the case anymore. I am much more relaxed and laid-back, more positive, and I actually enjoy being around people now. My social life has improved drastically, and my old friends see the changes in me. They like the new me a lot, of course! I read some reviews in the Internet, that claimed Phenibut to be a drug that causes addiction, but there is in fact nothing really dangerous about this product, otherwise it would be already banned.

I really felt many positive changes in my psychological condition after I started taking Phenibut. The effect was especially strong at the beginning, or maybe I just think so because it was so different to the way I usually felt (nervous and uncomfortable). However, I didn't enjoy the new exiting feeling of calmness and happiness very long; I noticed that the effect from these pills got weaker and weaker with time, and actually increased my daily doze by one more pill because I wanted my good mood and my feeling of happiness back! Well, now the effect from three pills in the morning is not as strong as it used to be, too. This supplement does cause addiction! Of course, I'm not going to increase my doze one more time, I think it is dangerous, and I don't want to damage my health and to become a complete addict. I would like to avoid Phenibut altogether, because it causes addiction, and find a better alternative to this pill. I feel like a drug addict now.

I used to take Phenibut and feel quite well, and then, after I finished one bottle, I decided to take a break. The idea of being on some kind of medicine all the time doesn't appeal to me at all, I prefer to stay away from medicine unless it is necessary to take some pills, well, in my case, it was, because I was very nervous all the time. However, this product gave me positive result, and I hoped that my problems were fixed. So, I didn't buy another bottle after my first one ended, and I hoped that my new, really good psychological condition will remain. However, this didn't happen. Now I feel even worse than before I started Phenibut; I sleep badly, feel anxious and restless, I am unfocused and somewhat absent-minded. There is such a huge temptation to buy another bottle of Phenibut and feel well again, but I am not going to do that: this medicine is really addictive, I wonder why is it still legal. It seems that if you have tried Phenibut once, you will not be able to live without it again anymore. I know, this is a reliable source of money for the manufacturer, because ewho doesn't want to feel well and calm and happy? So, they go and purchase these pills over and over again, but this makes me worried. I don't know what to do now, honestly.